Deputy Principal-Admin


Sri Lanka Principal Service (SLPS)-II


  1. To assist in the school administration under the control and supervision of the Principal.
  2. To carry out assigned duties in relation to the examinations conducted at the school level.
  3. To contribute towards learning and teaching process.
  4. To perform activities of subject related duties.
  5. Other duties assigned by the Principal.
  6. To carry out duties decided upon as being liable to be implemented at the school level by the government.
  7. General supervision.
  8. In – charge of Railway Warrant.
  9. In-charge of Notes of lesson and scheme of work.
  10. In charge for Census.
  11. In – charge of Free Uniform voucher distributions.
  12. In – charge of Information and implementing circulars.
  13. In-charge of  Ummul Maleeha Memorial hall
  14. Preparing and sending application for
    • Grade 5 Scholarship Examination.
    • G.C.E. O/L Examination.
    • G.C.E. A/L Examination.
    • G.I.T. Examination.
    • Other special Examination.
  15. Public relations. (Gents)
  16. In – charge of Committee for Evaluation for Assuring the Quality in Education (OUR SCHOOL: HOW GOOD IS IT?)
  17. In – charge of Health and Nutrition Unit
  18. Member of School Management  Committee
  19. Member of Technical Evaluation  Committee
  20. Member of School Procurement Committee
  21. Deputy Head of Internal Supervision Team
  22. Member of  Internal Supervision Team
  23. Member of  Discipline Board
  24. Deputy Commissioner of JSPL Elections
  25. Adviser of all committees